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This Week's Top 10 SwingScans Picks (+ 4 Bonus Picks) = 14 Total:
Week of
June 4th - June 8th, 2018
( new alerts will be posted here between 4pm Friday and 10am Saturday for upcoming week)
Look at each of these in a 15-day 15-minute candlestick chart like this one on your
charting software (or site) to see why each is such a strong pick; then papertrade to learn.
Remember to follow alerts for 2-3 weeks after first seeing them here.
PTCT 37.4
MOMO 50.7
FOSL 24.3
ETSY 32.8
PBF 50.2
TWTR 37.3
SHO 17.8
TRIP 55.8
LHO 35.6
AAXN 65.8
Bonus picks ($10-$20)
AES 13.3
SEAS 18.6
ETF Swingtrading picks
FXI 47.7
SCO 20.2
Key S&P Support/Resistance Levels
Long/R1/resistance 2752+
Support/S1/support 2668-
Last Week's SwingScans (also follow this upcoming week):

All alerts for educational use only, by accessing this you agree to not make actual trades based on the information contained herein; learn the patterns with papertrading/studying.
No buy, sell, hold nor other trading recommendations are being made.
This is not trading advice, it is educational to teach swing trading breakout patterns.

How to set stops & handle gaps:
Trade rules: All entries use an initial stop of $1.5, one and a half points. Scale in/add to winning trades every 2 points. Use a $1.5 trailing stop to lock in wins for 1/2 initial trade position.
Example: Buy stock ABC at $40.5, initial stop is at 39.0, once it's run to at least 42, trail
a stop $1.5 behind the current price. Skip any that gap over the entry price premarket. You can reset a new entry for any that gap over a trigger to .50 (fifty cents) above the nearest whole number. I usually enter with buy-stop limit orders, with a limit of 1 point above the entry.
Practice these rules with a papertrading/demo account to learn the patterns.

How to papertrade/use the alerts:
I use a buy-stop limit order at the resistance level price shown.
For example if the table shows stock ABC with resistance level of 24.5, I will
enter a buy-stop 24.5 limit 25.5 order. This means I'll get filled once it breaks
above the resistance trigger of 24.5, and/or if it does a minor gap up to a point
higher (in this case, up to 25.5), but will not enter if it gaps over a point above the
resistance level entry listed in the table above.

How to set exit targets:
I primarily just trail a stop around 1.5 points (or 2-day low).
However you can use 50% of the 15-day high/low range above the 15-day high as
a target. For example 50% of a 15-day range of a stock with low of 31 and high of 37 is
6 points total, so 50% of that is 3 points (above the resistance trigger) as an exit target.

Any questions? Ask during the webinars (not via email). Thanks!

To learn from the patterns: pull up tickers in a 15-day 15-minute candlestick chart like
this one, to study the breakout patterns: SwingScans15day15minChart.gif

FAQ: If a ticker doesn't hit the entry trigger in one week, can I use it in a later week?
Answer: Yes -- because these are the strongest charts; keep track of prior weeks that
didn't hit yet (shown in black letters in the "Last Week's Top 10 Picks" list, for potential
breakouts in the upcoming weeks ahead, once they take out 15-day highs. Good trading!




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All information is for educational use only; by accessing this you agree to use it for papertrading/
demo account use only and will not make actual trades based on the information contained herein.
Trading is a high-risk, speculative activity. Consult with a registered investment advisor, which
we are not, prior to making any trading and/or investment decisions. By accessing this information you agree to
all terms in our disclaimer, at www.daytradinguniversity.com/disclaim.htm   Best wishes for successful learning!

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GUIDELINES for Asking Questions:

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LEARNING TIPS: Getting the Most Out of Your Trading Webinar Experience:

1) Because I tend to move quickly and professionally through various  topics that you'll be learning, I recommend that you take brief notes during this session.

 2) As you learn each new technique, give some careful thought to how you could actually start using it in your own trading experiences. What would you start doing differently?  How can you become more consistent in your trades, using what you're learning?

 3) Don't just watch passively as though it were a tv show.  Focus on figuring out what the specifics are that you're being taught, and how you can benefit from the techniques.  Listen and take notes.   Feel free to ask a few questions if you wish during this event as well, to make sure things are clear for you.  I want you to "get it", so don't hesitate to ask an occasional question.  I usually save answering questions til the end of the event, and I'll stay around for up to a full half hour at the end to answer trader questions.

 4) If applicable, ask your family members/spouse to give you uninterrupted time during each webinar, so that you aren't distracted. If your environment is noisy, consider using headphones while listening to what you're being taught in the webinar,  so that you hear everything clearly.

 5) When I occasionally ask questions for interaction, feel free to participate (if you wish) -- at least try and answer the question on your own, to yourself, when I do brief quizzes or "where would you enter this trade, based on what we just learned?" types of live interactive Q&A for everyone to learn from.  The more you tie-in what you're being shown to your own trading experiences, the better and faster you'll learn these techniques.

 6) Be patient with yourself, and with the learning process. Try to gradually test out concepts and experiment to see what works best for you personally, based on what you're being taught.  We'll be covering a variety of examples, since I have so many traders participating -- so you'll see trading charts to learn from.  Each example will add to your trading knowledge, so try and see how each example can best help you with your trading success skills.

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Question: You teach that it's best to trade $20-$70/share stocks, why are some higher/lower?
Answer: That's my preference, is trading instruments in that range. As a courtesy to those traders who like sub-$20 stocks I've added two 'bonus picks' in addition to the main regular ones each week. I do recommend that you focus primarily on learning how to swing trade stocks in the $20-$70/share range; typically $30-$50/share are best.
Question: I missed a week,or lost my download videos; is there any way to get old videos?
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